Repair, Maintenance


  • use only commercially available cleaning products without abrasives to clean the faucets
  • limescale cleaners are suitable (eg Cif and Cilit brand cleaners)
  • the cleaner must not contain substances based on active chlorine
  • after cleaning, the faucets must be rinsed with clean water and wiped dry

Instructions for replacing the ceramic headwork in a classic faucet:

Headwork / ceramic headwork:

  • instructions for dismantling the headwork / ceramic headwork of the Morava, Morava Retro, Morava Bronze series - see in appendix
  • take special care when handling visible parts of the faucet to avoid a mechanical damage
  • any damage on the surface will void to the product's surface end of warranty

Instructions for replacing the ceramic top in the thermostatic mixer:

Bidet shower repair instructions:

If there is weak pressure in the overhead shower:

Exchange switch in spout:

Removing the saddle:by hexagon key 10mm

SE843 a SE843/1

For product- LABE STARÁ MOSAZ L581.5SM

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